3 tricks that will make your next travel easier

How often were you ready to travel but running around your house, looking for your favorite sweater or trying to make it all fit in your bag ? You know, when Murphy’s Law hits you hard: Uber in front of the house, rain pouring outside, running late to catch your plane and all ! Don’t worry, I’ve been there more than once, and today I’ll be sharing with you some of the things I do constantly.

1. Plan ahead !

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh my god I can’t believe I clicked on this link for such a dumb advice”. But you know what ? Almost everyone packs at the last minute ! So if you travel with nothing but a handbag or if you have more OCDs than I do, go straight to step 2.

Meanwhile, what I do now is that I get my bags ready one week in advance if I have to move all of what I own in one go. This way I can weigh everything (no way my check-in bags can exceed 23kgs) and just keep what I truly need out. Second thing is absolutely paramount: get all of your logistic planned 3 days before. Is the bus absolutely necessary or would an Uber/taxi be more convenient without spending too much ? Maybe I could share a ride somehow ?

Most importantly, planning ahead and packing over 2-3 days takes a lot of the stress away. My girlfriend always freaks out when we have to move, and this has been helping a lot.

Is it D-day already ?

2. Vacuum storage bags

Your bag volume might be your major issue, and fine engineering came with the perfect easy solution: vacuum storage bags. They’re very helpful for all of your clothing, towels or anything like that. In the best cases you could save a good 40% of your bag volume, and then stash those amazing chocolate cookies you found in South America. These bags also protect your stuff from dust, water or even bugs !

What’s also very convenient is that almost any vacuum cleaner will do the trick. So, unless you end up unpacking everything in a remote island of the Philippines, you should be fine.

Sorry, but this is real life

3. E-readers

This article already discussed the benefits of owning an e-reader, but more from an environmental point of view. I often used to bring along 3-4 books with me when traveling; who knows how long that train might actually take ! But this many books take up a lot of space and weight, when an e-reader is basically nothing and can store hundreds of articles !

They are a great way to save at least a kilo, depending on your reading hunger, without sacrificing culture ! Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to travel guides, so you will have to carry it anyway 😉

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