Looking for the perfect surfing spot in Mexico ?

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Have you guys ever been to the Pacific coast of Mexico ?

I’m going to tell you about Puerto Escondido, a little town that is one of the nicest surf spot in the world. It is located in the state of Oaxaca, in the South of Mexico. “Puerto Escondido” literally means “hidden port” and is home to 45 000 people. A one-hour flight from Mexico City will take you directly to this little paradise !

It is more than just a sweet surf spot. You can do all the activities you are dreaming of : scuba diving, skydiving, kayaking, horse riding, fishing, Spanish classes, yoga, meditation or even retreats…

There is only one religion when it comes to Puerto 😉

As surf is a religion there, you will easily find certified instructors that will take you to one of the beaches around town, according to your level. Once a year, during the spring, you will enjoy to see the craziest waves you’ve ever seen, especially early in the morning. Don’t worry if the roads around the beach are completely under the water! The World Surf League is running a contest on the main beach so the town is getting full of the biggest champions alive! A perfect time to watch them perform !

The neighborhood named “La Punta Zicatela” is THE place to be if you want to feel the surfers’ energy. A mixed community is living there, so many businesses have opened there. You are assured to find everything you love eating  : no matter if Mexican, international or fusion food.

Looking to settle down in paradise ?

If you want to settle down there for a little while, it’s not really hard to find a room. You can either find a flat or a house to rent by just talking to people hanging out in the area. Once you have a kitchen and if you like cooking you have several options. It is easy to find organic food stores in different neighborhoods. You can also take a “collectivo” (small bus) to downtown and shop at the main “mercado”. You can also go directly to the port and get fresh fish from the fishermen. Yummy ! You don’t really have to speak Spanish to go shopping but it makes your journey a lot more interesting (and maybe a bit more economic!).

What else can I find around town ?

About an hour drive from Puerto Escondido to the east, you will stumble upon the very little beach towns of Mazunte and Zipolite. They are ideal to go on a retreat or just to hang out by the beach. If you go west, you will encounter the National Park of Chacahua where you can go camping. A few hours towards the north, brings you to San José del Pacifico. This is a cooler place in the mountains if you’re tired of the ocean weather. There you can do a “temazcal” , a typical Mayan sauna, with a shaman.

Just in case I didn’t convince you yet to plan your journey to Puerto Escondido, I heard that very soon, some cool people intend to open a co-working an co-living place there…To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Looking for the perfect surfing spot in Mexico ?

  1. It depends what you are looking for : you can find really nice houses for 5 000MXN (about 500USD) but prices for a simple room with bathroom start at 2 000MXN (about 200USD) 🙂

    1. The rate is currently much more interesting for people using USD. 5 000MXN is now about 250USD, but let’s see what’s happening in the following month…

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