One Shared House : a beautiful documentary on co-living


I stumbled upon the beautiful documentary “One Shared House” while browsing online. It is about the struggles of co-living and I simply can not resist to share it with you ! The author explains, in about 10 minutes, how she grew up in a co-living community in Amsterdam in the 70’s. It is a beautiful testimony about the struggles that communal living contains : personal conflicts and fights about the use of communal spaces are only two of the things that made it hard to co-live with strangers. On the other hand, the author tells of all the wonderful things it has brought her as a kid : friends and a completely new perspective on life. Well, they say it takes a village to raise a kid…

The website in itself is really well made : interactive, with bright colors and an innovative design. While you watch the documentary, you can click on documents that pop up on the screen and tell you more about things that come up in the documentary.

In the words of the website itself : Sit back, relax and enjoy !


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